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Legal Investigation Services for Birmingham Law Firms

Attorneys and private detectives have one thing in common—an investigative mind that yearns to seek the truth. As an attorney, however, you have many other duties that fill your day. That is why your trusted private detective can be as valuable to you as any member of your legal team. Hiring a private detective to perform investigative duties frees up your time, so you and your law firms can prepare your case for court.

Are you an individual seeking advice for a case? While only a lawyer can give legal advice, our Birmingham team’s legal investigation services can provide the proof you need to see a lawyer by investigating your situation.

Recently, Spy4Rent has joined with Jeff Hammock and his team of investigators at Comprehensive Investigative Group. Jeff is a member of the Alabama Private Investigators Regulatory Board and adheres to all laws when performing investigations. He frequently speaks to legal associations and other organizations. Following ethical and legal standards, Jeff and his team find unique approaches to investigative practices to get the evidence you need.

There are a number of ways a legal or criminal investigator in Birmingham can assist law firms and serve you in a legal case:

Locate Assets

Find Witnesses

Our investigators can locate hidden real estate, vehicles, and other valuable assets.

Our team in Birmingham can provide witness location and questioning services, even for those that don’t want to be found, for your court case. In addition, we can question those witnesses and follow leads to conduct a thorough investigation.

Background Checks

Process of Service

We provide background checks that will assist with proving guilt or credibility in court. Do you need a criminal background check? We can determine if a person has DUI’s, warrants, sexual offenses, or other criminal activity. Our Birmingham based legal investigation specialists can also give you information about bankruptcies, tax liens, and judgments.

If you need to serve a subpoena or summons, we can provide that service for you in a timely manner. Our process service also includes filling all the necessary paperwork with the courts and returning documents to you.

Yes, law firms have the resources and knowledge to conduct investigations that will get them the answers they need for litigation, but they don’t always have the time to perform the vast array of other tasks that they have to accomplish. Our client base includes some of the leading law firms in the state. If you are a law firm in Birmingham and need criminal or legal investigation services or service of process, contact Spy4Rent and let us take that task off your hands.

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