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Private Investigations in Hoover, AL

Divorce Investigations

Many divorces are the result of someone keeping secrets. A secret affair, a secret substance problem, a secret bank account, or a secret rendezvous. Whatever it is, in a divorce you need to know all the secrets. Our private investigators in Hoover are trained to be discreet and thorough so that there won’t be any more secrets.


Child Custody Investigations

You would think that when everyone cares about a child that they would all be honest about what is best for their care. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Whether you are concerned about who is around your child, how your child is being treated, or whether they’re safe, our Hoover team of private investigators will observe, record, and report our findings so you can do what is best for your child.

Birmingham Legal Investigation Services

Legal Investigations

Sometimes you know it’s coming. Sometimes it just hits out of the blue. A subpoena, a lawsuit, or a deposition. Often the outcome is based on who has the best data. Make sure that someone is you throughout legal investigations.


Corporate Investigations

Having accurate information is key to your success. Unfortunately, people often have agendas that go beyond or even counter the corporation’s best interests. Instead of putting people on the spot and potentially getting inaccurate information, let our Hoover-based private investigators do the investigating for you. We can also install and configure security systems and badge access.

Birmingham Private Investigator

Private Investigations

Our private investigation services are just that—private. When it is no one’s business why you want to know what you want to know, we’ll get answers for you discreetly. Our private investigators in Hoover are trained, experienced, and discreet, and they know the Hoover area inside and out.

Birmingham Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Investigations

In theory, you and the insurance company should be on the same side. If you have a claim, then your insurance company should be paying. If someone else had a problem, then their insurance company should be paying. In the real world, insurance cares more about their bottom line than about you. Our team in Hoover of private investigators can make sure that no matter the outcome, you can be sure you have all the information you need.


Process Service

It’s critical to your court case that the proper papers are served to witnesses, adversaries, and anyone involved. Sometimes it’s easy to serve papers, but sometimes people are hard to find. Our experienced investigators will ensure your summons reaches its intended recipients without delay.

Birmingham Skip Tracing

Skip Trace Service

Sometimes people don’t want to be found. Sometimes, you need to find them. Our Hoover-based team of private investigators starts with what you do know and work from there. Our investigators are trained researchers, interviewers, and observers. We’ll get you the name, location, or contact information that you require, even if they are miles away from Hoover.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most credible forms of evidence today. While photos can be staged and photoshopped, getting the background right of a moving video isn’t usually worth the effort. Often just having a video is all it takes. However, video surveillance must be done correctly. Our private investigators in Hoover know surveillance, like how and when to set it up, so you have the video evidence you need.


Surveillance Cameras

Our private investigators in Hoover offer security system services where they can install cameras in your business, home, or vehicle, so you can observe the activities that go on when you aren’t there.  As trained observers and investigators, we know what’s important to capture and will ensure your cameras are placed exactly where they need to be. 


GPS Tracking

To old school investigators, GPS tracking feels like cheating. Get a tracker on your target, sit back, and watch where they go. Of course, it is a lot harder than that. We’ll get the right tracker in the right place so that it goes undetected and undisturbed. Then you can gather all the data you need.


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Every state has specific laws regarding electronic surveillance devices and services. As the user of surveillance devices in Hoover, it’s your responsibility to know the laws of Alabama and act accordingly. If you need private investigations services in Hoover, contact us today for your consultation.


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