Fultondale Private Investigator: Investigation Services

Fultondale Private Investigator: Investigation Services

Divorce Investigations

Our experienced Fultondale investigators use their knowledge of the area, state of the art equipment, and solid surveillance techniques to help you stop wondering and start knowing for sure. Either way, we’ll provide complete documentation that can be used in court or in mediation. 


Child Custody Investigations

You love your children. You would never do anything that would put them in a dangerous or potentially abusive setting. If only you could be so certain about the other parent of your child. Whether it is deliberate malfeasance or poor judgment, we’ll get the details. Our Fultondale private investigators will ensure that you have the evidence you need to have changes made.

Birmingham Legal Investigation Services

Legal Investigations

Telling the truth is a good beginning to any legal case. However, if everyone agreed on what the truth was, you wouldn’t need legal adjudication. Our Fultondale private investigators can help gather evidence for whatever you need. Whether it is background checks, employment verification, surveillance, or fraud investigation, we make sure you get documentation you can use.

Corporate Investigations

You worked hard to build your business into what it is today. It’s only natural you want to protect it. But you can’t be everywhere at once. Our trained and experienced professional investigators can give you eyes when you can’t be there. Background checks, security cameras, and even bug sweeps are all ways that we can help you protect what you built.

Birmingham Private Investigator

Private Investigations

You need to know something. We can help you find it out. It really is just that simple. While investigations can take on lives of their own, in the end all that matters is that you get the answers you need. Nobody is better at getting those answers than us.

Birmingham Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Investigations

Getting everyone to agree on the facts is necessary to determine what kind of claim exists. Unfortunately, with dissimilar motivations, disagreements about what happened are frequent. We can provide an unbiased third-party opinion for your insurance case needs.

Birmingham Skip Tracing

Skip Trace Service

People trying to avoid being found, whether for document service or to avoid testifying, can be troublesome. That is why our skilled Fultondale private investigators use state-of-the-art technology to scour databases, conduct records searches, and even scout online activities to help locate those you need to find.


Video Surveillance

Knowing something is one thing. Having video is another. Find out if people are where they claim to have been. Find out if people are not working when they should be. Find out if that neighbor really is adjusting the property line in the middle of the night. Whatever you need to know, we’ll secure a video of it.

Surveillance Cameras

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on cameras that don’t end up showing you what you need to see. Our surveillance experts know how to set up cameras properly, and know the tricks people use to try and avoid them. With our help, your system will cover your needs.

GPS Tracking

There are three important steps in GPS tracking. First, the tracker needs to be attached to the vehicle or person you want tracked. Second, the person being tracked must be unaware of the tracker. Third, the tracker must accurately record all times and locations. It seems simple, but more things can go wrong than you might think. Contact our expert Fultondale investigators. We make sure glitches don’t happen, no matter where we end up.

Call for a Consultation

Everyone has different needs. Every state and county has their own rules and regulations. Investigations can be really simple, or very complex. The only way to know how we might be able to help you is to get to know you. Contact us for a free consultation.

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