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Electronic Surveillance Services

You’re not paranoid if there really are issues. The best way to find out is to see for yourself, and the best way to do that is to record reality as it goes by. See if your teen really got home before dinner. See if your mother-in-law really took the last churro, and things that are much more serious. Our selection of electronic services and surveillance devices in Birmingham can help you. We offer these devices for rent or purchase. Hidden cameras and nanny cams let you know about activities in the home even when you are away. GPS tracking devices will give you piece of mind when your newly licensed child is on the road. Surveillance cameras on your property provide proof of vandalism or theft to your property and can deter criminals from entering your home.

If you need an electronic surveillance device in Birmingham to assist you in getting the answers you need, Spy4Rent can help. We offer a wide selection of tracking and surveillance equipment for rent or sale throughout the Birmingham area, including security cameras and GPS tracking devices.

Electronic Surveillance Devices:

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras in your home, vehicle, or business allow you to watch the activities that go on when you are not present, but more importantly, they give evidence when crimes are committed and peace of mind when they are not.

Home Security Cameras

In Birmingham, security cameras are important to have not only because they can provide evidence in the event of a theft or act of vandalism, they can actually deter a criminal from entering the home in the first place.

Are you looking to purchase or rent an electronic device for either reassurance or evidence? Spy4Rent has the device you need. Contact us and we will assist you in selecting the right electronic surveillance device for your situation.

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking device placed on a vehicle will send information to your computer or smart phone to tell you where your child or spouse has been that day. Our Birmingham company’s GPS tracking devices have a 90 day battery life and once placed on a vehicle, they can be left alone to do the job you need.

Nanny Cams

Strategically and discretely placed cameras and surveillance devices in your Birmingham home can track your nanny or babysitter’s activities, so that you can rest assured that your child is getting the care he or she deserves.


Each state has its own laws regarding electronic surveillance services and devices. It is your duty as the purchaser or renter of these devices to know the laws of your state and act accordingly.