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If you own a business, it is your duty to protect your assets and the future of your business. But as a business owner, you may not have the time to employ tactics to monitor every aspect of your business. When you hire us for corporate investigations, our Birmingham based team can provide you with the information you need to do this.

Spy4Rent can provide background checks for new hires and clients, and we can investigate possible fraud that may be occurring in your company.

New Hires

Corporate Fraud

According to, 58% of hiring managers said they have received resumes with lies on them, including skills, degrees, awards, and job title lies.
Our investigators in Birmingham can do background check investigations that will provide you with: • Employment history: Verification of experience, employment dates, job titles, and awards. • Education verification: Check both for degree and grade point average. • Criminal activity: Discover any recorded criminal activity. • Financial history: Gather records of bankruptcy, tax liens, or judgments that might imply mismanagement of money, making them a hiring risk. When you hire a new employee, you are taking a risk. If this is a high profile position, you are putting someone you don’t know in a position that enables them the ability to cause damage to your company. Give yourself peace of mind by getting a background check investigation done by our Birmingham investigators.

While the best line of defense is to gather information about potential employees before you hire them, sometimes suspicious activities within your company require further investigation. If you believe there is criminal activity going on in your business, you need to act fast to eliminate further damage and possibly recover your losses. Do you suspect workers compensation fraud? It’s time to call Spy4Rent to get the answers you need now. Our corporate investigation team in Birmingham will conduct a discreet investigation of the activities in your company. We can provide electronic surveillance, and perform bug sweeps. We can perform in-house interviews to uncover deception within the company.


When entering into a high dollar contract with a new client, you may want to know the integrity of the client and company you will be working with. In addition to basic business information, we can discover judgments against the company, bankruptcies, tax liens, litigations, and filings.

Workplace Harassment

Has there been a claim of sexual harassment in your company? Getting to the bottom of the incident is your first step to remediating the situation. If matters aren’t handled appropriately, the results could be an expensive lengthy lawsuit and damages to the company’s and your reputation. We can conduct a discrete harassment investigation at your Birmingham company and discover the facts, so you can resolve the complaint with as little damage as possible.

Spy4Rent performs discrete and thorough corporate investigations in Birmingham and beyond to help you protect your investment. If you need background checks or to investigate suspicious corporate activities, give us a call. Let our corporate private investigator uncover the information that you need to know.