Divorce Investigations

Whether you are seeking peace of mind or a piece of evidence a clear and concise informational investigation is critical to your peace of mind and the multiple questions that one has. Simply put, it lets you know that the problem is not you. However, this does not always meet the standards of evidence in a divorce. Our Birmingham area based private investigators can provide both. When properly obtained, it can also be used as a piece of evidence.


Child Custody Investigations

Children are the world’s most valuable gifts and they deserve to be in the care of capable guardians. Equally important is your peace of mind. Time away from your child can be difficult if you suspect they are not in capable hands. If you need help attaining information regarding the care and custody of a child or an elderly loved one, contact our office to speak with a private investigator today and let’s set your mind at ease with answers!

Birmingham Legal Investigation Services

Legal Investigations

Do you need help proving your case, or need investigative service in order to gather information on your case? Let our private investigators in Birmingham and the surrounding communities help you with background checks, witness location, surveillance, data mining and record searches. We can provide you with video, photographic evidence, hard documentation and testimonies to allow you to get the case work done faster and more efficiently. Contact us today.

Corporate Investigations

As a Business, whether it’s Small, medium or large, they all experience some kind of fraud. In order to protect your assets and hard work, Contact Spy4Rent in order to conduct an investigation to uncover that fraud. Our Birmingham based team can perform background checks on new hires and potential clients. We also provide cameras and bug sweeps in order to protect your privacy and secure your assets for your business.

Birmingham Private Investigator

Private Investigations

Whether you are a large corporation or an individual, you have the right to know the truth. We are proud of our national reputation of exceeding client expectations and providing information that makes a critical difference to a client’s legal outcome. Our private detectives are here to assist you in your quest. To speak with an investigator in the Birmingham area about records searches, fraud investigation, or skip tracing, call us.

Birmingham Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Investigations

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that $80 billion is paid in false claims each year. The problems with getting to the truth include biases from each side, deception and poor witness recollection. If you are an insurance agent with a case that needs investigated by an unbiased third party to uncover facts, contact us today we can help!

Process Service

We know your legal case is important to you. If handled incorrectly, a winning case can be dismissed leaving you without the justice you deserve. An important step in your case is service of process. As outlined in the fifth and sixth Constitutional amendments, US citizens have the right to be informed of a summons, and it is up to you  to see that this gets done.

Birmingham Skip Tracing

Skip Trace Service

Do you need to locate a defendant who is evading service? Our Birmingham based skip tracing investigators use state of the art technology and access to up-to-date data bases to help find that person and serve them so you can move on with court proceedings. Your case is important to you, so it’s important to us. Let us help you with your case today!


Video Surveillance

Do you suspect theft in the home? Is your spouse displaying suspicious behaviors? Do you want to assurance that your teen is where they claim to be when they’re away from the home?

Surveillance Cameras

Our private investigators in Birmingham and beyond can help with putting cameras in your home, vehicle, or business, allowing you to watch the activities that go on when you are not present. To increase security.


GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking device placed on a vehicle will send information to your computer or smart phone to tell you where your child or spouse has been that day and their route.

Call for a Consultation

Each state has its own laws regarding electronic surveillance services and devices. It’s your responsibility as the user of these devices to know the laws of your state and act accordingly.

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