Custody Investigation

Children need and deserve the care of both a mother and a father. Because of this, courts are reluctant to revoke custody or visitation to a parent.

Unfortunately, in some cases it is not in the best interest of the child to be in the custody of one or either of their parents due to neglect, physical or emotional abuse, direct involvement with persons with questionable backgrounds, or drug use.

In this case, a parent or third party such as grandparent or close relative may want to seek the services of Spy4Rent to have a private investigator gather information regarding the custodial parent in question.

Child Custody Laws in Alabama

How We Do It


By performing surveillance, we can determine whether or not the parent in question is participating in activities consistent of drug use including purchasing drugs and displaying erratic behavior.

Background Checks

Our background checks can discover past neglect, violent behaviors, or drug use.

Witness Discovery

We can locate and communicate with individuals who may be witness to instances of neglect, abuse, or drug use.


Courts realize that custody battles can get dirty and may feel tempted to dismiss parental testimony as biased and inflated. However, evidence from a private investigator that has no emotional ties to the case often will hold more weight in court.

Hidden Cameras

Cameras placed discretely in the home or facility can prove violent behaviors and other activities.

Other Custody Issues Our Private Detective Services Can Assist With:

Child Support

Often, where child support is concerned, a parent may not be forthcoming with their income. We can get you the information you need so that child support payment accurately reflects the income of either the paying or receiving parent. Other times, a parent may be hiding their whereabouts in order to avoid payment at all. Our private investigators can locate this missing person so that legal action may be taken.

Child Abduction

If a child has been abducted and kept from the legal custodian, we can locate the child and abducting parent so that retrieval and legal action may be taken.

Elderly Care

There may have come a time when your parent or grandparent has needed living assistance. This is a scary reality of life as we have all heard horror stories about abuse and neglect of the elderly in care homes and with other relatives. Just as common is financial abuse of the elderly as the caregiver will sometimes appropriate the victim’s checks and credit cards for their own personal use. Whether you suspect neglect or abuse or simply want peace of mind, we can investigate, so that you can get your loved one in the proper custody. Children are the world’s most valuable gifts, and they deserve to be in the care of capable guardians. Equally important is your peace of mind. Time away from your child can be difficult if you suspect they are not in capable hands. If you need help attaining information regarding the care and custody of a child or an elderly loved one, contact our offices to speak with a private investigator and let us begin gathering the information you need.

Private Investigation for Child Custody
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Private Investigation for Child Custody
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Seek the services of Spy4Rent to have a private investigator gather information regarding the custodial parent in question.